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MyPropô is designed for people who use QuickBooks for their business and also need to manage property owned individually or in partnership. The system was designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks 2010,11,12,13. When you purchase MyPropô  you can use it for an unlimited number of properties, units and tenants. 

MyPropô uses a database to keep track of owners, buildings, units and tenants. When you add a building it uses the building name to create a Customer and Class in QuickBooks. As you receive rents it posts them directly to an owners bank account or to the undeposited account in QuickBooks. This way youíre able to use the power of QuickBooks including check printing and bank reconciliation and leave the property tracking functions to MyPropô. 

One of the most important reasons for purchasing MyPropô is you and your staff only need learn the property functions, you already know the QuickBooks functions. This will save time and money and let you spend your precious resources on maximizing your investments. 

You can charge rents; post cash receipts; move tenants in and move tenants out. From the tenant information screen you can view tenant history by clicking on one button or print the history out if you like. The system allows you to print rent receipts and invoices and has many useful reports like lease expiration and delinquency by days.